There’s an easy way to start a high school football program.

Just two days before Executive Education played the school’s first-ever football game last August, the Raptors received a year’s probation from District 11.

The executives emerged from the negative light cast by probation on a successful season with a 6-5 victory over District 2’s Holy Cross 34-8 to clinch the Class 1A/2A Eastern Conference Championship. was. Ford wasn’t on the field for that game as part of his probation.

Probation is about to be lifted by District 11 on Wednesday as the program’s second season begins, and the Raptors are eager for a fresh start.

The Executives will face Lancaster McCuskey on Saturday and once again against an out-of-area team. District 11’s only opponent in the nine-game schedule is Tri-Valley.

Last year, the Raptors had to amend their schedule multiple times and scramble to get last-minute opponents for COVID-related reasons. This year, I hope the schedule will be more stable. However, his one game on the original schedule has already been scrapped and executives are looking for additional opponents.

That issue aside, Ford is stoked about where the program is, and happy that the trial period is almost over.

“We have to learn from last year,” Ford said. “This is definitely a learning process and we need to make sure we don’t repeat the same mistakes. Whatever they asked of us, we did. It won’t and I hope it doesn’t happen to anyone at school.We need to do the right thing and make sure we’re following the rules.”

Executive CEO Bob Lysek agreed with Ford.

“We are very happy to be out of probation and look forward to getting over this issue and trusting it will not happen again,” he said. “During this past year, the Executive has responded promptly and fully to all requests made by District 11. The Board thought the same and unanimously decided that he would be out of probation on August 24. decided to.”

The team will use Muhlenberg College for their home games and will continue to practice on a small, mostly dirt, unmarked field near the school. It has no goalposts and is not a regulation size. Plans for improved facilities are underway.

“Kids don’t care,” Ford said. “It’s backyard football. We come here to practice, do what we need to do, and get out of here.”

Ford said it was good to win the Eastern Conference title in the program’s first year, but the goal is to make it to the district and win the district, just as the men’s basketball program has done since its inception. rice field.

Executives are in Class 2A with members of the Colonial League such as Katasokua, Penn Argyle, Salisbury and Palisades.

“Our motto is district or bust,” Ford said. “This is probably the best team in the executive and it has the potential to make it happen. We need to get all the kids on board. Some of them have been playing with me for a long time, and there are a lot of younger people.I need to make sure the seniors lead as they are supposed to and I believe I can. We believe that anyone can go to the district because we are young, but we have to have the mindset that if we go out on the field, we can fight anyone.”

Led by quarterback Darmell Lopez, linemen Matthew McCalavitz and Matt “Tank” Martinez, and tight end Mason Terrell, all named captains. Wide receiver Emery Plummer, linebacker Anthony Roman, wide receiver Jimek Roman, two-way tackle Cavon Lewis, receiver Zamir Perkins and center Isaiah Muldrow will all contribute significantly.

“For this year, we’re looking at what we can tweak from last year,” Ford said. “We’re ready to rock and roll in our second year.”

1. Coccia coach. The executive includes new coaches returning to Lehigh Valley after several professional opportunities, including former Freedom High and University of New Hampshire offensive lineman Mike Kotcha. He works with linemen. Jared Powell, who played for Easton and Wilkes, will coach the defensive back. Mark Hassett, a Whitehall product, coaches the running back.

2. Number game. Ford said he had 38 players on his roster, up from last year. “The biggest thing for them is getting in shape,” Ford said. “I felt like I dropped the ball last year in terms of conditioning, and too many players went into the season out of shape and not where they needed to be.

3. Learn high school games. Ford, who came to Lehigh Valley courtesy of the Steelhawks Pro Indoor Team, only started coaching in high school last year. He said he spoke with the likes of Salisbury coach Andy Selko and Bekahi coach Kyle Haas and got tips for running the high school program. “We have a lot of players coming back from last year and they now know the system, the weight room, everything we do. It’s just gold.”

All games start at 7pm unless otherwise stated.

Friday: Athens

September 2: Burks Catholic

September 9: At Archbishop Carroll

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September 17: Upper Moreland

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