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“Summer Made Sensational: A PATRÓN Pop-Up Series” marked the tequila company’s first footprint in the Metaverse. But “PATRÓN has been in the tech space for a while,” Serena Kolber, the brand’s senior director of digital marketing, told her BizBash. Following the 2020 Augmented Reality (AR) experience where customers can virtually design her PATRÓN bottles, and the launch of her first-ever NFT in PATRÓN in January 2022, the event in the Metaverse was a natural It was the next step.

“Summer Made Sensational” was held for two consecutive weeks. From 12:14 he until 19:21, and he, as Kolber explained, “is a premium his bar experience with immersive and interactive features that will bring the Metaverse’s ever-growing virtual reality to life. I took it in. patron Cocktails in a unique way. “Patron Popup in the MetaverseSerena Kolber, senior director of digital marketing at PATRÓN Tequila, told BizBash that the biggest challenge in creating Metaverse experiences is “educating consumers, especially non-gamers and non-Metaverse users.” I’m talking “By-Step Instructions” for the landing page of the pop-up series.Photo: Courtesy of Patron Tequila

Thousands of international attendees aged 21+ registered for the free, browser-based event. PatronTequilaverse.com, After that, I accessed the metaverse world via Decentraland. “Fans automatically arrive at the cocktail-inspired first place, patron host,” Kolber explained.Patron Popup in the MetaverseDuring the quest, event participants had to procure ingredients to craft the perfect Patron Cocktail. Mixed drinks included Patron Perfect Paloma, Patron Silver & Soda and Patron Anejo Highball.Photo: Courtesy of Patron Tequila “The bartender then detailed a journey centered around sourcing different ingredients to create the perfect refreshing cocktail at all three locations: Jazz Club, Flamingos and Metaverse Festival.”

of patron perfect paloma, patron silver & soda, patron Aneho Highballs were the featured cocktail at each destination, and each had an “all-new (cocktail-centric) mission.”

In conjunction with the pop-up experience, participants were encouraged to roll up mixology sleeves in the real world and create their favorite cocktails at home. (Patron’s The website guided guests through recipes for each featured drink. )

And assembling all the ingredients needed for a mixed drink in physical reality just got the guests talking. virtual Reality automatically entered the scavengers and got a chance to win a summer escape for two to Punta Mita, Mexico.

After completing all three quests, Kolber said that beyond the physical prizes, “it has led more people to access the metaverse and engage with the brand.”patron It also provided “rare and mythical wearables within the metaverse.” Kolber also said that one of the main challenges in creating an event in the metaverse was “thinking about how to attract attention to other developments in the Web3 space,” and that incorporating wearable technology was “a major part of participation.” Incentives” helped solve it. ” Patron Popup in the MetaverseParticipants who completed all three quests also received a gold wearable (pictured). Kolber, who is officially an NFT, said wearables offered “perfect incentives to get involved.”Photo: Courtesy of Patron Tequila

Wearables, formally NFTs, “provide lasting value to consumers. [and] It’s becoming more and more popular in Decentraland,” explains Kolber. patron took advantage of its popularity. In addition, such products are considered to be wearables that “ patron With evergreen branding within Decentraland,” she noted.

While this has benefitted participants and brands alike, Kolber believes this is “what makes the Decentraland community unique”, but “consumers, especially non-gamers and non-Metaverse users educating them” was the most effective, she said. challenge.

Patron’s Solution? On the landing page of the pop-up series, the brand “created user-friendly, step-by-step instructions for first-time users who may not be familiar with Decentraland.”

And as a lasting thought to other brands and event professionals who have yet to take their first steps into the virtual world: “Fortunately, games are bigger than ever, so there are fun, engaging, yet doable games that offer both physical and digital prizes, plus satisfying endings. Creating a challenge proved successful in getting engagement and playthroughs.”Patron Popup in the MetaverseUpon entering Decentraland, the user was tasked with 3 cocktail quests at 3 designated locations (Jazz Club, Flamingos, Metaverse Festival). Once the attendees were all done, we were able to join her on a summer getaway for two to Punta Mita, Mexico.Photo: Courtesy of Patron Tequila

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