sydney, September 5, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Health analytics pioneer Prospection has entered into a unique global data access agreement with leading Japanese medical data company Medical Data Vision (MDV) to accelerate healthcare analytics globally. Announced.

Covering the world’s second largest pharmaceutical market, the agreement will give global pharmaceutical companies and researchers access to comprehensive longitudinal data covering more than 40 million people worldwide. Japan in over 470 hospitals.

The agreement between Prospection and MDV will give global pharmaceutical companies unique access to patient diagnostic and medication data from hospitals around the world by combining predictive analytics and machine learning with real-world medical data. increase. Japanunlocking the potential to evaluate an unlimited number of treatment programs in a region.

The deal also provides access to patient history and prefectural-level data, enabling analysis of disease progression, disease outcome, and mapping of disease course, addressing an unmet development need I can provide evidence on areas where I can. A further abstraction of this creates the opportunity to evaluate patient data at the regional level to find geographic areas where a patient or medical center may need additional support for a particular disease or condition.

Prospect access Japanese The most comprehensive medical data set is an important milestone for the company. Prospect currently provides real-time access to longitudinal patient data across 15 regions worldwide, including: Australia, new zealand, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, united states of america and the UK. The company’s latest announcement on Medical Data Vision builds on this work, giving Prospect access to any of the following: Japanese Largest healthcare database.

Benefits of global healthcare

according to academic research,* Only 60% of healthcare is in line with evidence-based guidelines, while the remaining 40% are classified as wasteful, low-value and potentially harmful. Through analysis of the long-term histories of hundreds of millions of patients, Prospection’s database helps the healthcare industry assess the use, value and outcome of treatments to find the 40% and identify ways to optimize them. help you to

By enabling pharmaceutical companies and health researchers around the world to better understand the complete cycle of health conditions and the course of disease, this data will enable global life sciences companies to: .

1. Gather patient and market insights

Through analysis of specific health conditions and patient journeys, pharma companies can predict where, when and how resources will be invested and how to position themselves within the Japanese pharma market while forecasting supply chains and developing models for market access. You can decide how to position your brand.

2. Find patients and develop a tactical plan

Life sciences companies can use data to identify where geographically the patients with the highest disease burden for the treatments they offer are being treated. Companies can then deploy local field teams with the right messaging to support clinicians in helping those patients in need of treatment.

3. Publish data

Access to one of the most comprehensive Japanese medical datasets also creates opportunities to add to the clinical body of evidence on health conditions, helping to better understand specific diseases.

4. Get decision support

Empower clinicians at the point of patient care by providing healthcare providers with trigger events to support targeted education when it’s needed most.

Kaoru SatoCountry Manager, Prospect, JapanSaid:

“We are delighted to announce our latest agreement with Medical Data Vision. It marks an important milestone in Prospection’s mission.

“As one of the world’s largest pharmaceutical markets, Japan We have a very rich dataset. Working with Medical Data Vision gives us the opportunity to access a dataset of approximately 40 million patients, using advanced analytical tools to accelerate precision medicine and ensure that the right patients are in the right hands at the right time. It creates a unique opportunity to make treatment accessible.

“The outcome of this partnership will play a key role in understanding the complete cycle of patient health and disease journeys in areas including immuno-oncology, immune disorders, cardiovascular and metabolic conditions, and will contribute It will enable researchers and pharmaceutical companies to better understand the characteristics of different patients, treatments, and their respective outcomes.”

Eric ChanCEO and co-founder Prospection said:

“We are very pleased to be working with MDV on our latest data access agreement. , MNC pharmaceutical companies will not only be able to work with patient data. JapanBut it also opens up a broader understanding of different health conditions around the world. This agreement brings us one step closer to empowering precision medicine that can optimize 40% of patients. ”


* BMC Medicine : 3 Numbers You Need to Know About Healthcare: The 60-30-10 Challenge

About Prospection

Outlook is a pioneer in health data analytics technology. We are on a mission to advance precision medicine through real-world evidence, with the goal of getting the right treatment to the right patient at the right time. Applying advanced ML algorithms to real-world data. and analyze longitudinal data from hundreds of millions of patients to see how drug treatments are used after clinical trials, revealing insights into health journeys and treatments. We provide actionable, real-world evidence that enables better outcomes for patients worldwide.

Prospections are led by qualified professionals and innovative leaders in their respective fields. Globally, we apply our expertise to examine health patterns using over 15 large health data sets (claims, EMRs, registries, and commercials). Working with governments and researchers to a major customer base in the pharmaceutical/biopharmaceutical industry, we have provided insights across her 90+ therapeutic indications. Including rare and complex diseases such as oncology, immuno-oncology, virology, metabolic conditions, respiratory and cardiovascular disease. Prospection is backed by investors including Ellerston, Horizons Ventures and Main Sequence, and is working commercially with CRO Novotech.

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About Medical Data Vision (MDV)

MDV is a collection of anonymously processed data with secondary use permission from medical institutions. The actual number of patients in “hospital data” mainly in the acute phase is 40.42 million (counted at the end of 2019) July 2022). In addition, by holding data from the health insurance association, data on recovery and chronic stages has been enriched, and in addition to information by hospital and clinic, it is now possible to track information on transfer destinations. “Health insurance data” is 7.84 million people (same).

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