Marlita Bevenue is from Milwaukee and is the owner and operator of Marlita Media Solutions. Two years ago, while working in the communications department of the Madison Metropolitan School District (MMSD), she launched her digital marketing and branding business, helping her owners of black and brown businesses in Madison. did.

Bevenue tells its customers that there are solutions to the marketing problems that arise for new entrepreneurs who are just starting out and struggling to market their business online. Her clients include Black Girl Magic Educational Services Inc., MMSD’s long-standing Read Your Heart Out Initiative, and The Progress Center for Black Women.

She is currently a Digital Content Strategist at the College of Letters & Science, the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s largest college. When she’s not at work, she’s with her husband and her two daughters, Goldendoodle Miles and her Davis.

Where did the idea for Marlita Media Solutions come from? What made you interested in helping other entrepreneurs with their branding and website development?

Marlita Media Solutions was born out of working with black professionals in the community, especially the Madison community. During my time on the communications team, as a Senior Communications Specialist at MMSD, I met many Black educators and teachers. I was educated, but I also had other interests and passions.

For example, Rosa Thompson started teaching. She has been in the district for a very long time. She also has Black Girl Magic Education Services. During the day at her MMSD, I met many people who were both professional educators and entrepreneurs. This is how Marlita Media started. It came out of connecting with black educators at her MMSD here in Madison and working with them on projects outside the school district.

When people found out that I was behind social media and writing a staff newsletter, they started asking, “Can you do that for me?” I was like, “Of course I can.” We absolutely should do this for the black and brown entrepreneurs in our community.

Why is it important to support Black and Brown business owners in Madison with branding, digital marketing campaigns, and other initiatives?

i want to see them win It’s really that simple. I would love to see the Black Girl Magic Education service win. And it can really boost the mission of helping a young girl reach her full potential. That’s why I’m interested in it. That’s what intrigues me about working with the clients I have. I’m going to do everything I can to make sure they win. That’s exactly what it comes from.

I currently work with the Progress Center for Black Women when clients and entrepreneurs come to me and they need help with web development or photography or just a cool video. When I go to the site and watch employee videos, I shoot all the videos because I want to see black women win. increase. In reality, she’s probably 100% black.

How do you balance your career at UW as a digital content strategist in the Faculty of Letters and Sciences with your media work in business?

The way to find balance is to do what you love to do first. In short, at UW-Madison, as a digital content strategist, we don’t think about that job at all. Being on that communications team is something I really want to do. I interview teachers and students and actually tell their stories visually.

When people ask me what I do, I always say I’m a visual storyteller. I do a lot of videography and photography and share their stories through images and videos.

I can balance things out. That’s what I’m passionate about. I feel my business is an extension of what I do at UW. It’s all relevant because you can do the same thing when you’re out in the Madison community and talking to clients.

What do you love about owning and running your own digital marketing/media company?

The most important part of running a business is undoubtedly interacting with people. I know I’m helping people — I want women to win and I want businesses to win in social media, branding and marketing. Having is the best part of this.

Another aspect is meeting different people along the way. These are the highlights owned and operated by Marlita Media. I see others using what I create. I love that aspect of it because it’s really cool to see what I create for my clients.

We love making an entrepreneur’s life a little easier. Because it’s not easy. I feel really good at the end of the day knowing I’m taking some of the stress out of being an entrepreneur. can run with it and take it from there. Making their lives a little easier brings me great satisfaction.

What are Marlita Media’s goals? Where do you think your digital marketing business will take you?

When I got involved in this, I had no idea that Marlita Media would become what it is today. I never thought people would come to me. I just want to keep doing what I do. I work closely with underrepresented business owners, black women, and I think that’s important.

Looking at my clients, you can definitely see a pattern in me. That’s my goal. To really continue what I do for multicultural black women entrepreneurs and do more.

Anything else you’d like to share? is my website. Please contact us at I am very sensitive. I am so happy and humbled to all the entrepreneurs who support me. Black owned businesses in general are very unique. Marlita Media, we are no different when it comes to Black ownership and entrepreneurship. I am no different when it comes to celebrating and uplifting Black culture and Black experiences. It is important. I will continue to advance black culture and serve the black community. Expression is really important to me. That’s really why I do what I do.

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