Radixweb’s Head of Digital Marketing, Sarrah Pitaliya, was commended by CMO Asia and World Women Leadership for her amazing skills in building brand journeys and strong leadership capabilities, and the award is a nod to Radixweb’s equitable and dynamic growth policy. I dedicate

Ahmedabad, India – Radixweb, an industry leader in IT outsourcing, premier technology consulting and bespoke enterprise software development services, has added another feather to its cap. At a recent celebratory event organized by World Women Leadership and her CMO Asia, Radixweb’s female leadership was commended for excellence in pursuing creative brand experiences and great leadership.

Head of Digital Marketing, Sara Pitaliyah, for her contribution to the curation of Smart Customer Journeys with a diverse team that has brought amazing creative edge to Radixweb’s cutting-edge technology solutions, Gujarat named one of the most prominent female leaders of

Radixweb is one of the most iconic names in the industry, run by top-notch #1 technical talent, when it comes to curating creative customer journeys through excellence in building enterprise software solutions. It offers strange functionality.

Recognizing the World Women Leadership Congress and the CMO Asia Awards, Ms Pitaliyah said: By honing my leadership skills. Radixweb has this dynamic and equitable work culture that enhances the individual skills of our employees and develops them to be the next generation of leaders. We believe in growing as a team, so we provide every individual with the right opportunities to grow both horizontally and vertically. “

She also adds: Our goal is to build connected customer journeys. We have helped many companies around the world reimagine their technology landscape with our innovative solutions. All individuals at Radixweb are formed under equal growth opportunities. I am so grateful to my organization for giving me the right place to spread my creativity. It allowed us to germinate the buds of strange possibilities for the future, and without the support of the Radixweb family, this achievement would have remained a dream. “

Pitaliyah also said that Radixweb, a Great Place To Work certified organization, is a very people-focused organization that provides equal growth opportunities for all employees regardless of gender, class or social background. It is said that The impartiality of the policy stems from one of his core values, ‘transparency’, which the company integrates into all business channels.

Commenting on Sarrah’s latest achievement as COO, Dharmesh Acharya said: She is a great problem solver and a great changemaker who has represented our culture of building sustainable professional relationships in forums such as CMO Asia and World Women Leadership. We are delighted with her success. “

The World Women Leadership Award not only recognized Pitaliyah’s dedication to decision making, leadership skills and sustainable brand positioning, but also appreciated Radixweb’s neo-modern stance curating a star line of future digital influencers. doing.

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