However, Deputy Secretary of Education Murat Dizda said it was unclear how the materials were stored in the Science Depository or for how long.

“We are working with the school and the Department of Health and Safety to see if anything could have been there and if the material was appropriate to be there,” he said. I got

“Experts have shown me in their report that this material must be held in hand for approximately 250 hours continuously to reach the permissible annual radiation dose limit set by the Australian Nuclear Regulatory Authority. .”

Dizdar said officials are working with school leaders to see how the rocks were brought to the science prep room.

“We are talking about a school that has provided quality public education for over 100 years. It is said that they were being beaten,” he said.

Mitchell said it was likely an isolated incident, but the department was considering whether reminders or checks should be sent to other schools. The most important thing is any threats or concerns about this material that have been properly handled,” Mitchell said.

NSW opposition leader Chris Mings said parents, teachers and students needed an explanation for the discovery of the “mysterious rock and its radioactive nature”.

“Part of the government’s response when incidents like this occur is to release information and make sure parents are aware of what happened. I very much understand, but I need to know what happened.

“The sooner the Minister of Education explains how this mysterious rock was discovered and how he stumbled upon his discovery in an almost scientific experiment by a teacher, the better. Parents We need to know what happened here so that we can be sure about the circumstances associated with it,” he said.

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