Before Divibank, Brazilian SMEs had only two financing options. Either borrow money from the bank or raise venture capital. However, most startups do not meet bank funding requirements. Also, not all companies can or want to raise VC.

Divibank offers a third choice for startups and small businesses. This is income-based funding. Divibank was launched in 2020 by funding digital marketing campaigns via a revenue sharing model. Since then, Divibank has launched other products such as inventory financing and recurring income financing.

In this episode, Rebecca Fischer, CPO and co-founder of Divibank, shares what she learned from working on digital marketing campaigns for big brands, how she got Divibank off the ground, and how Divibank offers better financing options for entrepreneurs. We talked about how to provide Brazil.

Potential Ad Spend Often Overlooked

Prior to starting Divibank, he worked for an advertising agency, helping companies grow through paid digital advertising. The client has invested a lot of money into his digital marketing campaigns, which have yielded great returns.

While running the advertising campaign, Rebecca discovered two things that gave Divibank an idea. Ad spend is a real asset class that could be an alternative to VC money, and many people don’t take it as seriously as she thinks. need to do it.

Listen to this episode to discover how Rebecca found an opportunity to fund entrepreneurs to scale through digital marketing campaigns.

Non-dilutive capital to extend the entrepreneurial runway

Divibank provides loans to founders who do not want to dilute themselves through venture capital and want access to capital to expand their businesses.

Startup clients are typically digitally native companies who know what their bottom line will look like in the short term. They are looking for funding, but are not yet ready to split the pie with many other shareholders. Divibank gives you the freedom to choose to raise VC money or continue growing with undiluted capital.

Check out this episode to see how Divibank is helping Brazilian founders expand their runway and raise money when they reach higher valuations.

Synopsis for this episode:

  • [01:10] – About Divibank
  • [01:42] – What is Brazilian SME financing like?
  • [03:40] – Average customer of Divibank
  • [05:10] – Rebecca Background
  • [06:00] ・Lessons learned from working at an advertising agency
  • [08:08] – Undiluted ABC
  • [11:30] – Divibank 0 to 1
  • [12:58] – Divibank first steps
  • [14:43] – Divibank fundraising experience
  • [16:30] – Where is Divibank today
  • [17:49] – Rebecca’s recommended books
  • [19:21] – Rebecca’s advice to her younger self
  • [20:10] – Next steps for Divibank

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