HARTFORD — Republican gubernatorial candidate Bob Stefanowski on Tuesday ended all mask mandates in classrooms, prevented transgender athletes from competing with women, and announced when children will learn sex education. announced his educational agenda to help parents decide

Standing outside the State Capitol, Stefanovsky said surrounded by his parents that his ideas were realistic and supported by many.

“This is not the radical thing we’re talking about here. There are too many labels for this campaign. This is common sense. You talk to moms and dads all over the state – they say this.” I agree mostly with the man above [in the governor’s office] He tries to call it extreme, conservative, or whatever word he can think of. People want to hear the essence. We are reviewing the content today. ”

Gov. Ned Lamont was scheduled to address the issue later Tuesday.

Stefanowski called for “giving power back to parents” and “letting parents, not school districts or the state of Connecticut, decide when and how to discuss sensitive sex education issues with their children.” please,” he said.

“Complex topics like sexual orientation and gender identity shouldn’t be introduced before children can understand, and possibly before they can even tie their shoelaces,” Stefanowski said. “Leave the kitchen table problems to the kitchen table.”

On the controversial issue, Stefanowski said states should “ban real boys from competing with girls in high school track and field.”

“We will first try to work with the Connecticut Interscholastic Athletic Conference to revise our current policy, and in the absence of their cooperation, we will work with the state legislature.” Title 9 protections have been provided and we are working to ensure these protections.”

As a very powerful organization that oversees high school track and field, CIAC has broad authority over competition.

Activist parent Gwen Samuels spoke at a press conference and said an alternative would be to create another competition like the Special Olympics.

Stefanovsky said, “Remove the obligation to force children to wear masks or to have COVID vaccines. It is an individual choice. It’s up to individuals and parents to make that choice for their children, and I’m all for any parent who wants their child to get that vaccine. We ask you to do so, so let’s not force others to do so.”

As stated in the past, Stefanovski said he and his family have been vaccinated.

Stefanowski called for a broader expansion of educational options, including magnet schools, charter schools, and trade schools. In addition, he supports private school vouchers.

“I think we should definitely include parochial schools,” Stefanowski said.

Regarding sex education, Stefanovsky said, “It should be left up to the parents.”

On another issue, Stefanovsky called on owners of national social media platforms to demand that their children’s accounts be deleted if a parent requested it.

“Social media companies have the opportunity to influence children 24/7. Many children are dependent on social media and its many negative effects.” Connecticut will raise the parental consent age from 13 to 16, giving parents control over what their kids consume online. make it possible.”

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