Rihanna and A$AP Rocky chose to skip the red carpet for tonight’s annual Golden Globe Awards, but they were still arguably the best-dressed couple.Rihanna sitting together at their table – Best Original Song nominated Rihanna black panther The single, “Lift Me Up,” and Rocky both opted for black ensembles. I felt it.

Rihanna’s formal wear tonight included a custom Schiaparelli look designed by Danielle Rosebery. An extreme silhouette, but a subtle colorway allowed her dazzling Cartier earrings and 18-karat white gold and diamond choker to take center stage. (She has a song called “Diamonds”, just so you don’t forget.)

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Rocky, on the other hand, wore a traditional black tuxedo with satin lapels, a white button-up shirt and a slim black tie. His diamond her earrings complemented her stunning necklace.Now that we’re busy parents, it’s great that they stay connected to their fashion choices. Talk about the coolest parents’ night out ever

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