On the eve of New York Fashion Week, I am still contemplating the many collections I saw in Denmark. Menswear continues to be a hot topic in its exciting evolution and expansion. The category was spotlighted at Copenhagen Fashion Week, especially with the Nordic Talent collection. Schnayderman’s in Sweden, Latimmier in Finland, and PLN in Denmark

Experience: Schnayderman’s

It’s fitting that Schnayderman’s creative director Hampus Bernhoff used time as his theme this spring. Because the brand was founded in Stockholm 10 years before him, and has looked mature this season. Schnayderman’s started as a shirting company that favored artist collaboration, but slowly expanded its offerings and now feels like his brand of youth-focused denim. In his first physical show, Schnayderman reset the clock in that realization, so to speak. The collection consists of 12 he looks, one for each of his hours on the watch dial, as indicated by the number of badges each model wore. To drive the points home even further, the finale saw them each ride the clock backwards. worn by the model. The opening look not only incorporated classic button-down ideas, but also richly draped shirting. What followed was a hipster take on the casual wardrobe for the modern man, mixed with a sporty, office-ready keeper.

This fresh vision comes from a designer with years of experience. Central St. He graduated from Martins, Bernhoff has previously worked with Kelly Wearstler, Elizabeth and James and has been his ground in training many talented designers. I spent a year More and more, we are seeing designers who have worked in the industry reach out in new directions. This is a reminder that when we talk about new talent, we’re talking about new platforms of expression, not just age.

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