Batesville, Arkansas (KAIT) – Anyone learning to drive on the road has to deal with new technology.

Wood Family Dealerships introduced the 2022 Chevrolet Bolt electric car to students in the Batesville High School Carter Drivers Education class.

According to the Batesville School District, BHSC committed to clean energy by installing more than 1,400 solar panels in the district in 2017, aiming to improve teacher salaries and overall energy efficiency.

Officials argued that adding the bolts was just a step toward that goal.

“Electric vehicles are very practical in today’s world, vehicles that students can own and use on a daily basis with great success.

Driving education instructor Neely Norwood said the addition will continue to teach students how to check oil and pump gas in other driver’s education vehicles. Gasoline vehicle safety is as important as the future of the auto industry, he added.

“This is a kind of lucrative learning opportunity for students to get into electric vehicles,” explains Norwood.

Kendall Box, a senior, joined the class and expressed his excitement at being the first among the students to experience Bolt.

“It has been very beneficial to our school and to our community to not only use the energy to sustain it, but to do everything we can to use the energy to move the future forward. “I think it’s very, very useful,” she said.

Students spend the first 20 hours of class learning about vehicle safety before they hit the road, officials said. Students then learn how to check oil, change a flat tire, and parallel park.

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