These days, no month is allowed to go by without good reason, and the insatiable desire for new clothes comes into focus in September, fitting for the month that sees fashion magazines’ biggest issues. Oxfam’s annual campaign ‘Used September’ encourages consumers to buy only used goods for 30 days.

The campaign’s mission statement reads, “Not only do we keep clothes out of landfills and refresh our wardrobes without hurting the planet, we also help raise money to help people overcome poverty.” Declaring.

We suggest posting images of your favorite purchases of the month online using the hashtag #SecondHandSeptember.

The face of this year’s campaign is award-winning actress Felicity Jones. Her roles include Emma, ​​the pinnacle of The Archers’ most sulphurous love triangle, and her decade-long stint as Star Her Wars prequel, Rogue, Her One’s Jinn, Her Erso. It is included. Her Lifelong Charity A fan of her shop, Jones loves “the mysteries of thrift shopping and the stories behind the clothes.”

But if you search for used rails this September and go for sustainable style, you might question the campaign’s claim that such shopping is “better for people and the planet.” Next to high-quality clothing, it’s common to find clothing with fast-fashion labels, selling fewer than when new, and unsold clothing shipped overseas to developing countries. It is often destined to join a bundle of goods.

a Telegraph A survey in Ghana, the largest importer of such clothing, found second-hand clothing with tags from charity shops in an unmanaged landfill, where local fishermen haul the clothing up with nets in Jamestown. were scattered on the beach.

As the hashtag goes, “#SustainableishStyle” lacks the “amazing feel-good factor” promised in Oxfam’s campaign rubric, but it’s closer to the truth. The story of clothing that fascinates many of us doesn’t end when we throw it away. It may continue to please someone else, or it may become part of an ugly story on a faraway beach.

It’s no surprise that entertainment is accessible to all. Now, urged by activists such as comedian Sophie Hagen, Bold Accessibility has added to the list. You can check the details of

Among our most beloved actors come to mind the late Richard Griffiths, Hattie Jack and Orson Welles, all with generous proportions. Especially when government statistics record that over half of the UK population (62.8% in 2020) is overweight or obese, it is clearly inappropriate to apply one standard for the stage and one for the audience. Fair.

Still, in celebration, think of the slender minority. She was disappointed that he was “sitting on a little rocking chair”. Anyone who has ever occupied an armless seat next to Mr. Jackson on an airplane, train, or theater will have a hard time suppressing the thought of Mrs. Tittlemouth, c’est moi.

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