sacramento – Senate Speaker Pro Tempoa Tony G. Atkins (D-San Diego) follows an awards ceremony held during today’s floor session to recognize the 2021-22 California Senate Fellows and California Science and Technology Policy Council Fellows. issued the following statement: Senate:

“Each of our Senate Fellows and Science and Technology Policy Fellows played a key role in the work that allowed us to get this session done. , they gained a hands-on understanding of the legislative process and enjoyed a unique professional development experience while helping them perform high-level government work for the people of California. Enthusiastic, energetic, and capable individuals who have worked on dozens of bills and resolutions, their work and dedication to our state is admirable and what they will achieve in the future We look forward to success.”

The 2021-22 California Senators include: Catherine Albiani (Senator Rosilice Ochoa Boe’s Office), Emma Burroughs (Senator Richard Pang’s Office), Kai Cooper (Senator Mike McGuire’s Office), Laura Paloma Elizalde (Anna Caballero) Senator’s office), Fra Elkatib (Senator Dave Cortez’s office), Evan Fern (Senator Monique Limon’s office), Stella Fontas (Senator Scott Weiner’s office), Kieran Gaitan (Senator’s office) Senator Tom Amberg), Samantha James (Senator Josh Becker’s office), Stephanie Jimenez (Senator Nancy Skinner’s office), Emily Miller (Senator Brian Jones’ office), Caitlin Pedersen (Senator Andreas Borges’ office), Sophia Quack (Senator Stephen Glaser’s office), Quincy Stivers (Senator John Laird’s office), Manson Tan (Senator Patricia Bates’ office) ), and Cynthia Yepes (Senator Susan Rubio’s office).

The Senate’s 2021-22 California Science and Technology Council Fellows are: Dr. Stephen Cutie (Office of Senator Richard Pang), Andrew Dawson, Ph.D. (Senate Housing Committee), Hannah E. Frye, Ph.D. (Senate Business, Professionals, and Economic Development Committee) ), Zoe R. Guttman, Ph.D. (Senator Portantino’s Office), Jacob O’Connor, Ph.D. (Senate Environmental Quality Committee).

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Toni G. Atkins is President pro tempore of the California Senate. She previously served as Speaker of the California Legislature, and she began her term in the Senate in 2016. As Senator for the 39th District, she represents the cities of San Diego, Coronado, Del Mar and Solana Beach. President Pro Tempore Tony G. Atkins website:

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