Despite the fact that he has played for more than six NBA teams throughout his 19-year career, there is no denying that Shaquille O’Neal’s loyalty has always been to his beloved Los Angeles Lakers. Nonetheless, Shaq has always been the type to call a spade a spade, and naturally, he had a brutally honest truth to share with LeBron James and Co. ahead of the new season.

According to Shaq, there’s a simple recipe for Lakers success. This should have several key elements all in place (via Bill Difilippo of Uproxx).

“Yes, LeBron and [Anthony Davis] Stay healthy, they’ll be fine,” he said. “But to be championship quality, they need to piece it all together. Pat Beverly is a good piece, a defensive piece. Russ, what is he going to do?” I don’t know, I don’t know how they’re going to make use of him… But you need a dog like Beverly, a rebounder, a shooter, that’s it, it’s not rocket science, you need a floor leader, someone who consistently rules You need a knockdown shooter every night.That’s it.That’s how you win a championship.”

When you think about it, it seems very simple. It should also be noted that Shaq is his four-time NBA champion.

However, Shaq clearly likes the addition of Patrick Beverley. He knows the Lakers need a “dog” on the team, and Pat Bebb seems to fit this requirement perfectly.

The same cannot be said for O’Neal’s feelings for Westbrook. He seems to be a wild card in Shaq’s equation, and based on last season’s results, finding the perfect Russ for the Lakers is no small feat.

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