Digital agency Social Neeti has acquired the social media marketing and branding mission for Mughlai Restaurant Shiraz Golden Restaurant. He also works on organizing and executing campaigns on various platforms and is responsible for PR. Working with eWards, a Kolkata-based SaaS start-up, they created his SaaS software based on their ordering platform to drive sales through performance marketing strategies.

“SocialNeeti’s digital marketing prowess increases the chances of reaching a national audience. Today, customers are asking for more when interacting with brands and consuming products across different channels. Together with Social Neeti, we intend to offer fresh and unique ideas and concepts to make it easier to connect and better serve the new age of foodies.”

Shiraz Golden Restaurant is one of the few traditional Awadhi restaurants that also serves Dam Phukht style dishes with aromatic ingredients and dried fruits.

“We have Shiraz on board, working alongside their rich history, and the new era of digital marketing will be much richer. At the forefront of digital marketing, we are working closely with brands to to establish an engaging online presence Make their social media presence look incredibly fresh and dynamic Push creative boundaries, but also have a beneficial impact on their business We look forward to many ground-breaking strategies that will give us the opportunity,” said Shalu Dugar, Director of Social Neeti.

Social Neeti is an ROI driven digital marketing company based in Kolkata. Since its inception, the company claims to have worked extensively with its clients to provide a complete customer experience. In his more than three years at the organization, the agency claims he has expanded to more than 15 cities in three countries and has served more than 400 brands. We offer services such as branding, social media marketing, website design and development, Google Adwords, search engine optimization, WhatsApp, email his marketing.

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