Gov. Christy Noem’s office announced Monday afternoon that it was due to receive a report from the Secretary of Education by July detailing what fosters an inherently divisive notion in K-12 education.

The document is almost 45 days late. This was due on July 1, via one of Noem’s Executive Orders, when Noem’s bill (House Bill 1337) “Protecting Elementary and Middle School Students from Political Brainwashing” was approved by the Senate. Signed on April 5 after being annulled by the school board. march.

A similar bill to HB 1337 was House Bill 1012. This is now state law, targeted at higher education, and prohibits mandatory college training and orientation based on critical racial theories and other divisive concepts.

According to Noem’s office, a report from Secretary of Education Tiffany Sanderson detailed examples of CRTs and other divisive concepts in DOE policies, guidance, websites, training, content standards, and other materials. increase. However, it does not extend to local school policies, materials and resources.

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