Doha, Qatar: Arab innovators looking to turn ideas into inventions with expert guidance are ready to start their journey with the latest edition science starpremiered on September 2.

Seven candidates from the Arab world will be invited to the Qatar Science and Technology Park (QSTP). It is the technology hub of the Qatar Foundation (QF) and home to tech-based entrepreneurs and their start-ups. Develop, refine and test innovations.

This season, many aspiring Arab entrepreneurs hope to join the show’s alumni community of 154 alumni from 19 Arab countries. Contestants will have to go through several qualifying rounds to secure a spot in the Grand Finals. In the Grand Finals, two winners will each be awarded a share of the Seed Fund prize pool.

QSTP Executive Director Yosouf Al-Salehi said: They are part of a vast ecosystem. Their ideas build on what others have discovered before them, and their inventions often require the insight of experts in different fields. As a key contributor to Qatar’s innovation ecosystem, QSTP is committed to accelerating the commercialization of market-ready technologies to deliver on the nation’s drive towards economic diversification and sustainability. I am aiming.

“We are delighted to be part of Stars of Science In line with QF’s vision to introduce more Arab youth to the region’s vibrant innovation community and create an economic, social and sustainable legacy, new innovations for the next generation across sectors and economies will be created. A 13-year journey that empowered us to build opportunity. “

This season, Professor Fouad Mrad returns for the 14th straight season. Joining him is Dr. Aisha A. Yousuf, a Qatari medical expert and medical director of reproductive surgery at Sidra Medicine, a Qatar-based hospital for women and children and member of the QF. .

Both Prof. Mrad and Dr. Yousuf serve as two permanent jurors, with a rotating cast of established Arab experts. science star Alumni – Take the third seat on the jury as the season progresses.

“Serving as a judge science star It’s especially rewarding for me,” said Dr. Yousuf. “As head of the Reproductive Surgery Division at Sidra Medicine and an alumnus of QF partner university Weill Cornell Medicine – Qatar, I will bring the knowledge and experience I gained during my time as a QF student and employee to help QF thrive. While supporting the research community, we are also guiding the development of young, aspiring Arab innovators.”

Since 2009, many of Shaw’s alumni have launched products or established successful businesses in the Middle East and North Africa, reaching Europe, America and East Asia. According to Professor Mrad, their time is science star We have enabled it to play an integral role in fostering an innovation ecosystem across the Arab world.

“All contestants science star We have benefited from leveraging the knowledge and resources available at QF’s top universities, innovation hubs and research centers,” said Professor Mrad. “The ever-growing QF ecosystem stands out on the global stage, exposing Arab innovators to the importance of collaboration and interdisciplinary work in science and research.”

science star will air on six regional channels and online every Friday and Saturday from September 2nd to October 14th, 2022. See the broadcast guide on for channels and timings.


about science star:

As the Arab world’s premier innovation show, Stars of Science, an edutainment TV initiative of the Qatar Foundation (QF), aims to bring Arab innovators to improve people’s well-being and create economic opportunities for local citizens As a company, we empower you to develop technology solutions for your community. , promote sustainable development.

During the 12-week process, participants are supported by a team of experienced engineers and product developers to compete over time and demonstrate the effectiveness of their solutions in a shared innovation space.

An expert panel of juries evaluates and screens innovators and their projects each week over several prototyping and testing rounds. Jury deliberations and online voting from the public will determine the ranking of the two winners.

Stars of Science will air on six regional channels and online every Friday and Saturday from September 2, 2022 to October 14, 2022. See the Broadcast Guide on for channels and timings.

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QF was founded in 1995 by His Highness Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani, Father Amir and His Highness Sheikh Moza bint Nasser who shared the vision of providing quality education to Qatar. Today, QF’s world-class education system provides lifelong learning opportunities for her members of the community, from age six months to doctoral level, enabling graduates to succeed in the global environment and contribute to the development of the nation. increase.

QF is also creating a multidisciplinary innovation hub in Qatar. There, local researchers work to address local and global challenges. QF is committed to empowering communities and contributing to a better world for all by promoting a culture of lifelong learning and fostering social engagement through programs that embody Qatari culture. is.

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