Influenced by Le Smoking and other Saint Laurent creations considered avant-garde at the time, more ready-to-wear brands began offering trouser suits. Still, it took time for women’s attire to become widely accepted, and it wasn’t until the 1980s that women began wearing them to the office, along with the oversized shoulder pads of the era’s power dressers.90 As the decade progressed, pantsuits finally took hold in women’s workwear wardrobes. During that era, Belgian fashion designer Martin Hernandez Margiela experimented with deconstructed tailoring and made waves, while Japanese designers like Yohji Yamamoto favored loose-fitting asymmetry in her suits.

On closer inspection, this season’s slouchy suits are a nod to some of the game-changing oversized silhouettes of the ’90s and early 2000s, says Palmer. It’s kind of a reaction to the very tight clothes I was wearing,” she says. New workwear is all about comfort, and suits are no exception. Trends Her Intelligence Content Her Agency Stylus Her Director Emily Gordon-Smith thinks this relaxed fit is the way forward. “We have tracked a return to tailoring over the last few years, and it has been a soft [knit fabric] It’s the pantsuit that’s appealing to consumers,” she says. “The key to this silhouette’s success is its loose volume with casual quality. It’s a stark contrast to the restricted, exclusive tailoring of traditional office wear and historical ’80s-influenced power dressing.” Soft pantsuits take you from brunch to the boardroom and are very forgiving.”

Fall/Winter 2022/2023 top suits go beyond draped and comfortable fabrics with key colors from head to toe, says Gordon Smith. “Single-tone dressing is all the rage, but the bolder the better,” she says. “Think monochromatic styles with footwear and accessories paired with suits in hot pinks and grass greens.” came out with bright fuchsia suits, while Jil Sander and Michael Kors came up with suits in nice yellow hues. Gordon Smith points out that while classic wool sets continue to dominate the catwalk, designers are also offering more interesting textile trousers for her suits, such as velvet and satin.

As with many other trends, this isn’t the first time the oversized trouser suit has hit the catwalk. But what feels new now is the range of earthy, vibrant colors it manifests. Even the way these suits are styled feels fresh. , or the perfectly colored overcoat and shirt that everyone has seen, from Julia Roberts to Zendaya. I have. “It’s all about styling,” says Gordon Smith. “This is not about neat silhouettes and heels.

Above all else, this season’s comfort-first suit not only facilitates a return to the office world, and in the process redefines the power dresser for the new age of work, it also delivers an impressive It’s an effortless workwear option. “A trouser suit is a ‘What am I going to wear? “You have a complete ensemble.”

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