Cobbleskill, NY (NEWS10) — SUNY Cobbleskill has announced that it will launch a new Cannabis Science program in the Fall 2022 semester. This program is open to current students as a minor in a 7-credit specialization.

University officials said the program will explore the cannabis industry from seed to finished product. The curriculum covers processes such as cannabis production, management and cultivation, breeding, laws and regulations, harvesting, and extraction.


  • Cannabis Management (Online Class, 2 credits)
  • Cannabis Harvest and Analysis (Hands-on, 2 credits)
  • Cannabis Cultivation (Hands-on, 3 credits)

Upon completion of the minor, students will be able to demonstrate a broad understanding of the cannabis industry, describe various production and processing techniques, and assess market trends.

University officials said cultivation and research are incorporated into the plant science program’s hands-on field studies. The program introduces hemp production techniques, field and greenhouse variety testing, and the agronomy of production. Extraction, plant and extract analysis, and field/greenhouse work have also been added to the curriculum. The program partners with companies that use cannabis for food, fiber and fuel.

SUNY Cobleskill started researching industrial hemp during the 2018 growing season. In 2021, the university was awarded $50,000 for program innovation to develop two acres of industrial hemp for cannabidiol and cannabinoids.

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