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The world of smart fitness devices and gadgets continues to expand by the day. It may seem overwhelming, but these pieces can take your workout game to the next level.

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Smart fitness product brand cultsport has launched a “Move” digital campaign to promote “smart” apparel, bicycles and home equipment. Conceived by Leap and executed by Supari Studios, the campaign aims to officially launch the cult sport and establish him as one of the best fitness brands in the country.

For this campaign, Supari Studios produced a series of three advertising films that engage viewers with sophisticated visuals. The film is ambitious, high-energy, and focused on each category the cult sport has to offer.

From apparel to outdoor cycling to home workout equipment, the campaign highlights the “smart” features of these products while making viewers believe why they are a better and smarter choice.

The campaign concept was born from the product itself. Exercise is all about movement. So whenever someone buys cult sports products, they’re not just buying fancy ‘alloy cycles’ or cool ‘sweat tees’ which are top quality products. They are inherently part of an ecosystem, providing full access to trainers, nutritionists, performance tracking software, communities, and the app.

With this, the brand hopes to appeal to “everyday athletes.”

Through this campaign, Cult Sports reveals the futuristic capabilities of its fitness products and brings out their “feel good” factor. In a way, the brand invites viewers into the world of cutting-edge fitness, allowing studio-quality workouts and interaction with trainers.

The campaign targets a broad audience segment of Generation Z and millennials. Film content adds a consumer-centric spin with quirky undertones to promote how cult sports deliver quality with innovative, smart features and enable immersive fitness experiences To do.

Prachitha Pujari, Head of Brand Marketing for Cure Fit, said: The three films focus on three major sections of him that the cult sport has to offer. I am looking forward to seeing and absorbing “Smart Move”.

Kalpit Damania, Lead Creative Producer at Supari Studios, said: The biggest chance in this series of movies was the cycling movie. It gave me a bigger canvas in terms of story. We looked all over India for scenic spots and ended up in the picturesque lanes of Pondicherry. It was an experience like no other, turning many active roads into playgrounds. Even just using an action-oriented rig and trying to do something this huge while he was running around town within three days of filming was such a fun, surreal experience. “

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