DARIEN – Sustainability meets fashion thanks to the ‘unknown’ city treasure.

The Darien Community Association will host a sustainable designer fashion show on September 14th to promote eco-friendly shopping.

All outfits are sourced directly from DCA’s Thrift Shop and mix classic brands such as Burberry and Valentino with contemporary designers such as Rag and Bone and Page.

The DCA Thrift Shop has been around for nearly 90 years, but DCA Secretary Sue Kunze believes the show will bring “the town’s hidden treasures” to a wider audience.

“The DCA Thrift Shop is a really good place to try (thrift) because there are so many great things,” she said. “Especially the fashion show would be a great introduction for first-time attendees.”

Kunze, who is typically responsible for overseeing the boutique section of the shop, is part of the styling team behind 25 to 35 outfits for the fall/winter season of the show.

The runway offers a variety of styles for all ages and genders, featuring local models associated with DCA.

All items featured at the show (clothes, shoes, accessories) will be available for purchase after the event, with lots of additional clothing.

Kunze said prices start at $20, with some expensive luxury items, such as cashmere Celine coats, at a fraction of the retail price, capping the $1,000 range.

Attendees of the event will receive a door prize of a Jimmy Choo handbag. Those unable to attend can purchase tickets to another designer his bag her raffle at the DCA thrift shop.

Used and second-hand clothing has become a popular source for consumers to purchase luxury goods at more affordable prices, without contributing to the environmental impact of fashion.

Fashion production accounts for 2-8% of the world’s carbon footprint, according to the United Nations, and most of the clothing ends up incinerated or in landfills.

“If you can buy something beautiful without having a negative impact on the environment, that’s what you should do,” Kunze said.

All proceeds go to DCA to support local scholarships and other charitable causes.

The fashion show begins at the Darien Community Association at 7:30 PM, with a wine reception 30 minutes prior. Tickets are available for purchase at DCA on his website through September 13th for $25.

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