Image is everything when you are a brand in a competitive marketplace, whether in the franchise industry or not. Much of that recognition is created through his initiatives in the company’s marketing. Today’s marketing mix is ​​more complex than ever. This is a direct result of the science behind the strategy. There are now many tools and resources available to help brands measure the effectiveness of their marketing efforts. But the core attributes that define a brand’s goals in the franchise world remain unchanged. Franchisors need to stand out from the crowd by raising awareness of their value proposition and key differentiators. Marketing programs can do that. Franchisors rely on effective lead generation techniques to build a pipeline of potential franchisee candidates. Marketing programs are designed that way too.

Franchisors need to build trust in their brand internally and externally. Again, your marketing efforts can help you achieve this goal. But if he can combine all these factors into one overarching campaign, it’s a winning strategy. Some franchisors rely on in-house talent to get the job done. For many others, the objectivity of outsourcing marketing efforts makes the most sense. Either way, it’s marketing magic that can move the needle.

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If you’re a franchisor who can use marketing assessments and possibly tune-ups, take a look at what the top 15 marketing companies on the 2022 list had to say about themselves.

1. Hot dish ads

Hot Dish Advertising leads the industry, providing strategic, digital and creative expertise to drive the growth goals of over 400 franchised brands. That’s because only Hot Dish has his 20+ years of industry-leading expertise, a proven track record of driving growth, and an award-winning suite of custom his solutions. Ultimately, we connect more people to our franchises, inspire more brand loyalty and ignite success. Our business niche is franchising, with branding expertise in both consumers and lead generations. Our experience in franchising helps us move beyond advertising into a more consultative role.As a full-service advertising agency, we provide account services, strategic planning, art directors, copywriters, traditional media , you can count on to plan/purchase your digital and social media. According to CEO Dawn Kane, it’s the company’s people that make the difference. “Our people make us the best in the business. Not only are they smart, they really care about the success of our clients’ businesses and the campaigns we run.” How does the level of service translate into success? Kane says, “Our comprehensive onboarding process enables us to develop strategic campaigns of exceptional creativity that drive results for our clients. ‘ said.

2. SOCi

SOCi is a cutting-edge, all-in-one digital marketing platform built specifically for the ‘next level’ multi-location marketer. Our customers include top brands and influencers such as Ace Hardware, Sport Clips and Anytime Fitness, who face the impossible task of managing a digital presence in hundreds or thousands of locations. SOCi’s platform helps top brands and their locations to strengthen and grow their digital presence across hundreds and thousands of local search and social pages, while protecting what matters most: their reputation. make the possible possible.

3. Top Fire Media

TopFire Media is a full-service, award-winning, nationally recognized franchise development and marketing agency that provides lead generation, public relations, content marketing, web design and development, and local franchisee marketing for digital franchises. Our diverse brands benefit from our team’s decades of experience in franchise development and franchise marketing. All these elements come together to achieve the common goal of driving outcomes and results to meet our clients’ franchise sales growth goals and enhance our franchisees’ local marketing efforts.

4. Integrated digital strategy

Integrated Digital Strategies (IDS) designs, implements and maximizes digital marketing strategies for franchise brands. Our comprehensive suite of marketing services combined with a dedicated management team provides a complete solution for growing and maximizing your digital marketing presence. Our in-house experts work with you to attract and retain your ideal clients and customers, thoroughly covering all aspects of your digital marketing needs so you can do what you do best. .

5. Consumer Fusion Co., Ltd.

Consumer Fusion is the only AI-powered reputation management solution dedicated to removing unjustified negative reviews on over 60 online review sites. With over 70,000 negative reviews removed, Consumer Fusion helps businesses maximize their digital footprint with reputation management, local SEO, and social media tools including owner autoresponders and integrated review generation. can be

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6. Eulerity

Eulerity is the world’s most cost-effective local marketing platform. Eulerity’s cutting-edge technology uses machine learning and automation to simplify the complex world of developing and executing digital marketing programs. All at a flat, transparent fee, at a fraction of the cost of traditional vendors.

7. Lario

Rallio is a powerful SaaS platform that combines cloud-based social media technology, artificial intelligence, and employee empowerment. As the supplier of choice for franchises and SMBs, Rallio enables brands and SMB operators in multiple locations to optimize their social media engagement, while viewing their social media presence in one dashboard across all locations. Allows you to manage your overall, online reputation, and online directory listings.

8. Chigo

Qiigo integrates digital marketing for national brands and locations. Qiigo’s mission is to build brand unity and success by helping businesses get found locally. Through superior service and a comprehensive technology platform, Qiigo strengthens client relationships and delivers successful, measurable and manageable results. Qiigo is pleased to partner with He Listen360, the leading customer feedback and reviews provider for multi-location brands.

9. One-Up Web

Oneupweb is full of kind and serious people ready to help you grow. If you’re tasked with ambitious business goals but don’t have the in-house resources you need, you’ll find the support system at Oneupweb Digital Marketing Agency. Oneupweb respects changing business needs by making our services flexible. We use data to ensure each marketing strategy responds to the changing tastes of your audience. And clearly show great, great results.

10. Scorpion

Scorpion is a premium provider of marketing and technology solutions for the franchise industry. As a partner to business owners, Scorpion offers clients who need a clear path a better way through candid guidance, effective strategy and award-winning advertising technology.

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11. Brand journalist

Brand Journalist is America’s premier franchise lead generation company. Since 2008, we have worked with over 180 franchise brands to deliver breakthrough sales performance, create cost-effective franchise campaigns, and build some of the best performing franchise recruitment websites in the industry. I’ve been During this time, we have helped the development team we support recruit over 10,000 new franchisees! We are students on the franchise buying journey, making it difficult for many brands to grow We understand how to overcome obstacles. Our highly specialized team is made up of former newspaper reporters, video journalists and some of the best designers and SEO/PPC practitioners in the country. Our team is working on deadlines to deliver the results you need to take your franchise development campaign to the next level.

12. Nesertive

Netsertive is the leading digital advertising solution for multi-location marketers responsible for promoting local interests. Our digital advertising solutions offer the market’s most comprehensive digital advertising execution capabilities and his suite of ROI analysis tools, helping multi-site marketers grow their business more efficiently and effectively through digital marketing. Make it possible.

13. Curious Jane

Curious Jane is a franchise advertising agency. Our insights, expertise and proven systems help franchises grow locally, regionally and nationally. We work with leading national and top-ranked franchises in franchise development and consumer marketing to improve strategies and generate growth. We offer branding and creative, content marketing, digital and social media advertising, media planning and buying, PR, SEO, web design and development. Curious Jane’s president, her Lora Kellogg, talks about what makes her company one of the best in the business. “We believe our culture makes our agency one of the best in the industry. We hire really smart, strategic people. , who are not only the best at what they do but also respect each other. How do these qualities equate to providing superior service levels? “As a full-service agency, we can offer: franchise development, national consumer Whatever your client needs, marketing, local store marketing, etc. We know that our clients’ time is precious, so for all their marketing, branding, advertising and creative needs, we are one Being able to interact with one contact at one agency is efficient and saves time and money.Having these services under one roof streamlines marketing efforts and eliminates duplicate marketing efforts. It’s guaranteed to work together instead of paying for it.”

14.DAS Group

DAS Group, a digital marketing company, specializes in local digital marketing programs for franchise organizations and national and regional multi-location brands. We are adept at employing leading technology to achieve our clients’ goals, but we never lose sight of the people who use it. A certified Google Premier Partner, we are experts in lead generation using interactive advertising, search engine marketing, local search engine placements, custom applications, web development and online yellow pages. We don’t believe in “one size fits all” solutions, so we offer customized solutions for our clients’ unique lead generation and marketing efforts. What makes this company one of the best in the industry?According to CEO Christina Parsons, it’s a combination of support and hard work. “ has partnered with our previous (DAS Group) clients to understand their business and fully integrated into their organization. It’s up to knowing the challenges.We provide excellent service.We make sure our campaigns are effective and meet the goals set as a company and individually in each place we work. Parsons continues: Omnichannel solutions: print, digital and even promotional We provide all of our product solutions in one place, making it easier for you to manage your company’s monitoring and local execution: Gain insight into how your campaigns are performing nationally, regionally, and locally across your network. make it possible.”

15. C Squared Social

C Squared Social is a full-service digital marketing agency for businesses of all sizes. From paid advertising and content marketing to website development and graphic design, we provide effective digital marketing strategies. Deliver quality leads, sales, and brand exposure to your clients with our 4-point targeting method, eye-catching graphics, and customized campaigns. Whether it’s franchise buyers, employee recruitment, in-store customer acquisition, web purchases, or app downloads, we can help you reach your goals. Our team of marketing professionals are experts in navigating the complex world of digital platforms. Join hundreds of companies who trust C Squared Social for their marketing needs and start rethinking marketing.

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