Student-athletes are some of the fastest and toughest people, but behind their strength and public image are humans with complex emotions and real struggles.

Anxiety and depression are not weaknesses, former Vols football player Derrick Furlow Jr. told Knox News. He works to break down that stigma by specializing in the trade of names, images, and likenesses between student-athletes and mental health organizations.

Sports Life Business, Furlow’s brand for authoring and public speaking, expanded with SLB The Agency. To build relationships with student-athletes in this new NIL era, Furlow is recruiting a former Vols standout who had his own mental health issues at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville.

SLB agencies work with athletes in all kinds of NIL deals, not just mental health companies. Furlow said these deals could range from large payouts by players to smaller exchanges.

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