Lubbock, TX (KCBD) – Lubbock ISD measures its success 24 hours before back to school.

The Texas Education Agency has released accountability assessments showing improvements at dozens of campuses within LISD.

“I am thrilled. I am hyped about it.

He looks forward to welcoming many LISD students into the new semester on an improved campus.

The TEA has released accountability ratings that show many of Lubbock’s schools have made significant progress since 2019.

“This year, 75% of the kids will start on an A or B campus,” says Stubblefield.

That’s more than a 30% increase from 2019 and just short of the district’s 2026 goal of 80% of students on A or B campuses. All four high schools received a B rating. This is the first time since TEA started its current accountability system.

One of the most notable improvements is the Dunbar Preparatory Academy. The school’s rating has improved from F in 2019 to C in 2022, and a decade of state sanctions has been lifted from the school.

LISD director Cathy Rollo says these improvements are just the beginning for Dunbar.

“We continue the great work in progress there and will continue to improve,” Rollo said. “But this is just such a celebration for a campus that has been under so much pressure for so long.”

Chief Academic Officer Misty Lieber says much of the district’s improvement is due to teachers.

“All these ratings represent the work they do every day,” says Rieber. “It’s a night job. Working weekends, and their love and passion for their children.”

The ratings also show the determination of students returning to school after learning online during the pandemic.

“It was a problem that was looming large,” Stubblefield said. “Will we recover? That learning loss was real. Teachers believe in themselves, educators believe in themselves.”

At Lubbock ISD, 31 schools received an A or B rating from the TEA this year. In 2019, LISD had only 19 of her schools earn an A or B rating. Additionally, the number of D or F rated campuses was reduced from 11 to 7.

“It is possible,” said Superintendent Rollo. “With the right systems, the right guidance, the right belief systems for children, it is possible.”

The following schools received an A or B rating from the TEA.

A Rating – Honey Elementary, Maedgen Elementary, Miller Elementary, Ramirez Elementary, Roberts Elementary, Rush Elementary, Smith Elementary, Wester Elementary, Whiteside Elementary, Wilson Elementary, Wolffarth Elementary, Talkington School for Young Women Leaders

B Rating – Bayless Elementary School, Brown Elementary School, Centennial Elementary School, Dupre Elementary School, Irvine Elementary School, Hardwick Elementary School, Hodges Elementary School, McWhorter Elementary School, Overton Elementary School, Stewart Elementary School, Waters Elementary School, Williams Elementary School, Atkins Middle School, Hutchinson Middle School, McCool Middle School, Coronado High School, Estacado High School, Lubbock High School, Monterey High School

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