One of the main focuses of the Hopkins County Extension Family and Consumer Science Office is educating people about healthy eating and healthy foods.

Melissa Webb, an assistant in the Advanced Nutrition Education Program in Hopkins County, said their goal is to work with younger children so they can bring information back to their parents.

“We try to teach young people about healthy eating and healthy foods,” she said.

There are programs for families, seniors, and school-aged children. Webb said there is something for all age groups to improve health and wellness, improve diet quality and improve food security at home.

“We looked at information based on Lexington, and it’s broken down to the local level, which is the beauty of extensions,” said Webb.

She teaches a class on My Plate so people can understand how much of each food group should be on their plate at each meal. She also teaches things like meal planning, understanding food labels, food budgeting, food safety, how to cook different foods, and choosing the right beverage options.

“Our programming really gets to the point, and people seem to thrive on it and learn something,” says Webb.

Programs are offered in a variety of locations including schools, local institutions, libraries, grocery stores, farmers markets, community centers, housing authorities and food pantries.

Webb said she is trying to offer programs in the spring and fall because fewer people come to her classes during the winter and summer.

In addition to classes, the extension office’s nutrition education program also includes various incentives such as measuring cups and spoons, potato washers and cleaners, and cutting boards distributed during classes.

One of the most popular free incentives is our annual recipe calendar. Webb said recipes for the calendar come from other extension offices or state extension staff across the state.There are monthly recipe cards and tips and tricks.

“It just contains great information, unlike a regular calendar,” she said.

Webb also cooks different dishes from her calendar on Facebook Live each month.

“We launched Facebook Live earlier this year and it’s been amazing,” says Webb.

Eating healthy and knowing the dos and don’ts when preparing food can make a big difference in a person’s lifestyle. I want to let you

The Nutrition Education Program is funded by a grant from the U.S. Department of Agriculture and the University of Kentucky.

“We are one of the largest grant holders on college campuses,” said Webb.

For more information on nutrition education programs or the Family and Consumer Sciences area, visit or follow Hopkins County Extension Family and Consumer Sciences on Facebook please.

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