Beginning in 2015, program practices were intentionally developed to serve Latino students by evaluating success metrics and consulting leading experts on how to increase Latino student success across STEM disciplines. I was.

These measures will support the creation of professionalization opportunities specifically designed for minority students, the recruitment of successful minority role model professionals, and the unique needs for mentoring and validation of Latino participants in particular. This has led to achievements such as the development of workshops for teachers to deal with.

“The Master of Science in Environmental Science is proud to be recognized as a 2022 finalist. Excelencia Pedagogical,” Said Janice Bush, Head of the Department of Integrative Biology. “We are committed to ensuring that our natural resources and conservation workforce are diverse. This honor is a result of the dedication of our staff and faculty, but most importantly, what it takes to succeed as a scientist. by students who are passionate about learning and developing the skills needed to

The number of Latinx students enrolled in the program is steadily increasing. Of her 53 students currently enrolled in the Environmental Science Graduate Program, 60% are Latino. Three years ago, only 32% of students were Latino. Additionally, the retention rate of Latino students increased from 91% to 98% he .

One of the primary ways the program accomplished its mission to accelerate the success of Latino students was by assembling a multidisciplinary team, including faculty from the UTSA Department of English and the Department of Educational Leadership and Policy Studies, to develop We focused on increasing the number of registrations for In 2018, the program also received funding from the National Science Foundation’s Innovative Graduate Education Program to implement and test a model for improving outcomes and graduation thesis success for Latino participants. .

“Congratulations to the hardworking UTSA faculty, staff, and students in the social work and environmental sciences graduate programs on their recent accreditation. Excelencia UTSA Provost and Senior Vice President of Academic Affairs said: Kimberly Andrews Espy. “As a founding member of the Hispanic Service Research Universities Alliance (HRSU), UTSA is committed to becoming a Hispanic Prosperity University. Recognized by Excelenica in Education reinforces our momentum to support Hispanic students and the larger community with quality programs that support our dual mission of access and excellence. ”

In 2020, UTSA has earned a prestigious seal. Excelenciais a comprehensive accreditation that recognizes the university’s commitment and ability to accelerate the success of Latino students.

Seal advances the university to become a thriving Hispanic institution, a model Hispanic institution that provides Latino students and their communities with the highest quality education to promote social mobility and economic opportunity. shows the momentum of The university currently ranks second among the 20 founding members of HRSU according to the percentage of master’s degrees awarded to Latino students.

Excelencia It will raise national awareness of our efforts to effectively engage the growing Latino student population.” Sarita Brownco-founder and president Excelencia in education. “We, like these program leaders, relentlessly promote the benefits of our institutions and our country by intentionally serving Latino and other post-traditional students. I have.”

example of Excelencia Founded in 2005, it is the nation’s only national initiative to recognize and promote evidence-based practices that foster the success of Latinx students in higher education.

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