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Marketing is how you reach out to your customers and make them aware of your product or service. You can convince them that your product is superior to your competitors, and they will have no hesitation in purchasing your product.It makes no sense to run a business without marketing running Business; it means you are not running your business.

Evolving business trends and environments are replacing traditional marketing techniques with ‘digital marketing’. Digital marketing simply means marketing a product through the medium of the internet.

Digital marketing offers endless opportunities to grow your business and reach a wider audience with relatively little effort and expense. However, this is only possible if companies make the most of digital marketing and use it in the right way.

Digital marketing is not a recent phenomenon and new changes continue to occur in this space, so companies need to think about marketing beyond social media and websites.


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Marketing, in its traditional form, must use data to ensure success. Renowned author and social his media scientist Danzarella said:Marketing without data is like driving with your eyes closed. ”

Here’s what you need to know about big data and how important it is in your digital marketing process.

What is big data?

data management and big data Customer data in particular has become an essential marketing asset today.

In the digital age, the data collected is unlimited and comes from multiple sources, usually spread across various information systems. Centralizing data is a challenge for many companies. For manipulation, all this data is often data warehouse (large database) or data lake (The data is still in its original form, but all saved to the same location). Many advanced technologies are used to store and manage the collected data.

Big data means larger and more complex data sets, especially from new data sources. These datasets are so vast that they cannot be managed with traditional data processing software.

To make it easier to understand, here are the 4 V’s of big data:

  1. Volume

As the name suggests, the amount or amount of “big” data is enormous. This includes information about social media platforms, point-of-sale data, and e-commerce sites.

  1. variety

Big data consists of several data types. There are three main types: structured, unstructured and semi-structured.

  1. speed

The dictionary meaning of velocity is velocity, and when talking about big data in digital marketing, it means the speed at which information is formed and stored.

  1. truth

Truth means truth. When it comes to big data, veracity relates to the quality, accuracy, and reliability of big data. This depends on the source of your data.

Big data and digital marketing

“Without data, you just have opinions.”

W. Edwards Deming

This also applies to digital marketing data. Here’s the problem – marketing is nothing without data. Decisions made based on data are (often) better decisions. The importance of data in marketing can be explained as follows.

Target audience

We hire people to power our digital marketing efforts on various platforms, and spend considerable time and energy on our marketing efforts. It can all go to waste if you’re not targeting the right audience. In the 20th century, finding the right audience would have been a very difficult task for a business. But in his 21st century, with technology that can turn the world upside down, finding the right audience isn’t a difficult task.

Big data analytics can help you find the right audience. Browsing apps and websites, collecting customer information about their interests, requirements and expectations is all possible with dedicated software that can summarize functionality as a single view of the customer. Built on many innovative technologies, this type of solution has the following advantages:

understand the customer

First, gather information about your audience as a whole to determine your target audience. We then collect information only about our target audience and work to improve the user experience. This can be seen as an extension of the previous point. To analyze the information we collect so that we can personalize our marketing efforts to each customer.


This helps in two ways. One is to collect specific data about sales to understand customer buying patterns and implement marketing strategies such as sales discounts and offers accordingly. Second, sales will automatically increase if you succeed in maximizing the use of big data.

This accomplishes two goals with one arrow because the business objective of increasing sales is met and customers are happy to receive unique offers.

feedback mechanism

Big data and its analytics help businesses understand how their customers feel about their businesses and brands. Digital marketing requires frequent posting on various social media platforms. Collecting and analyzing data about your audience’s reactions can go a long way. In this way, businesses can learn about customer engagement, loyalty, and brand sentiment.

The variety of tools available on different social media platforms can help you analyze your business’ performance on social media, but big data analytics can be a great feedback mechanism as it provides a deeper understanding of customer expectations. is proven.

growth measurement

Just as big data analytics gather information to help you market your products and services, it can also help you gather information about the results that specific marketing campaigns have had on your business. This allows businesses to match their spending on marketing activities with the results they get from them on comparable terms. Therefore, big data can be used before, during and after a particular marketing campaign.

Measuring results in terms of concrete data helps a business learn from mistakes and also allows a business to demonstrate its success to audiences and competitors.


Just as we cannot ignore the role of digital marketing in marketing, we cannot ignore the role of big data in digital marketing. It is as important and obvious as salt is essential to food. With trends changing around the world and the Internet taking over most of it, the practices in the business world are also destined to change. . Therefore, the importance of big data in digital marketing cannot be denied.

A better understanding of big data concepts and techniques and the right approach that comes from it can help any business succeed.

This article was contributed by Mariia Lvovych, CEO and founder of Olmawritings and GetReviewed.

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