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Medical illustration of the human brain with electrical pulses and activity

Medical illustration of the human brain with electrical pulses and activity

Air date: August 22, 2022

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When do you come up with the best ideas or are the most creative? Many of us have probably never thought about it.

Whether we’re aware of the trend or not, researchers have found that there are times when we’re more likely to be more creative.

Stacey Colino writes about the science of why you have great ideas in the shower. national geographic provided some insight on Monday smart talk,” It has to do with the parts of the brain that work and go offline. When you’re actively thinking about something, certain control networks dominate your thinking, guiding you to logical reasoning, rational thinking, drawing from facts, and so on. But when doing passive tasks like taking a shower, walking the dog, or gardening, one of the experts I interviewed, he said, while mowing the lawn. Told. The default he mode network is then activated and associated basically freely. From past experiences, what we know, what we think and dream, we bring to the natural state and combine them in novel ways to come up with fresh ideas. ”

Colino added that sometimes focusing on an idea doesn’t get as creative as we want it to. But you can reach a dead end. Taking a break, this is kind of called the incubation stage of creativity. All those ideas are still there, even when you take a break. And all these challenges with coming up with this idea OR. To solve a specific problem. When you take a break and do something less mentally involved, it’s like another part, literally another part of your brain takes over and sits in the driver’s seat, doing all sorts of things you don’t know. It’s like putting it all together.. until you have this kind of aha moment and oh I can do this and I can solve this problem. Or oh this is a really fresh and great idea . why don’t i pursue this?

According to Colino, researchers have found that healthy sleep is important for brain function, and that you may be more creative and come up with more ideas soon after you wake up.

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