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WATERLOO — The future of the former Elk Rune Preschool building may be decided soon.

The Waterloo Community School Board of Education will consider the sale of the Elklan Heights building at a meeting Monday at 5:00 p.m. at the Education Services Center at 1516 Washington Street.

The Board’s Facilities Committee considered offers and proposals regarding properties. It is recommended that superintendents be allowed to enter into negotiations to sell land and buildings.

At a recent Facilities Board meeting, the cities of Elk Run Heights and Tyson Foods were the leading candidates for the facility.

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The former school building at 316 McCoy Road was used for summer programs by the Cedar Valley Boys & Girls Club. Once that was done, the building was expected to be empty.

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Elk Run Heights Mayor Lisa Smock said the city hopes to acquire land for housing. Tyson’s spokeswoman, Felicia Smith-Nalds, suggested that the building be converted into a kindergarten for the company’s employees.

A public hearing was held in April regarding the potential sale or disposal of the property. If the Board approves negotiations to sell the building, the proposed transaction may return to the Board at a future meeting.

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In other businesses, the Board considers:

  • Increase contract with Tri-County Child and Family Development Council, Inc. by 3% to $1.06 million. The agency can only provide her six assistants and her teachers for Head Start children’s services. That’s down from her 10 last year, and the annual per-child fee the school district pays has increased to her $6,100. Teachers are placed in either Kittrell or Lowell Elementary.
  • Purchase books and materials for middle school bands and orchestras, high school piano classes for $193,031 plus $14,901 annual fee.
  • Approve an agreement between Waterloo Schools and the Jessup Community School District to allow students to enroll in the Expo Alternative Learning Center.
  • Bimaris Kaya is appointed as the new assistant principal of Higashi High School. She will replace Joshua Peyton, bringing her annual income to $113,000.
  • Year.

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