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Thembi Bheka is on a mission to empower 1 million women by 2025.

“Our research shows that when you empower one woman, she empowers others,” says Thembi. “And the best way to end and reduce poverty is not just through education, but through empowerment. If we work hard, we can achieve this goal.”

The “we” Thembi refers to is the team she built as a founder. Digital Marketing on Demand (DMOD)is a unique organization that aims to connect developing world talent with global job opportunities, especially in the digital marketing space.

Service providers can contact DMOD for a variety of needs, such as creating high-converting landing pages or managing website updates. First he has an assessment of the company’s needs done by DMOD, after which specific tasks are assigned to team her members with the right set of skills to deliver the project on time and on budget. All of this is done virtually by someone in a developing country, mostly Africa.

To date, more than 4,200 services have been completed by the company’s team members.

“These women did not have the confidence to look for or apply for a job even after being well educated. “Connect them to opportunities.”

The idea for DMOD came to Thembi after he immigrated to Canada as a refugee. A native of Zimbabwe, she escaped her emotionally and mentally abusive relationship and eventually settled in Montreal with her daughter. While she studied and worked as a registered nurse, she constantly felt her attraction to entrepreneurial opportunities. She entered the entrepreneurial world as a real estate investor and founded Real Estate Real Riches, a course that teaches women how to invest in homes. As her real estate business grew, she realized she needed help at her assistant level, so instead of hiring in person, she sought help from a virtual her assistant (VA) in Kenya.

“At the time, no one knew what a VA was or what it did,” she says. “I found my job at Upwork and eventually moved back to Zimbabwe.I realized there was an opportunity to train people into VA. I started meeting incredible women – lawyers, doctors, etc.

She adds: “Connect them to opportunities.”

That is how DMOD was born. Today, Thembi and her team are recognized for the work they do by many prominent organizations, including: Seed Transformation Program at Stanford University.Thembi was also selected Coralus (formerly SheEO) Venture In 2021, we gave her access to the financial support and coaching she needed to grow her business.

“I have a podcast where I interview female entrepreneurs. One of the speakers asked if I had heard of SheEO and convinced me to apply,” says Thembi. “Until then, I had started the business on my own. To accelerate DMOD’s growth, I had even started selling some of my real estate holdings. Not only did I get the

That community, she says, is something she regularly turns to for support when she faces challenges in her business.

“You can empower people when you do things that inspire them, so they can better themselves and get through any situation they face.”

As an immigrant, Thembi found it difficult to raise money through traditional means, so money was also at a premium.

“During my long stay in Canada, I learned the system of what a credit score is and even how to register a company. No, education is the key.”

She says she didn’t even know she had to pay herself until she joined SheEO. “We need more educational support to help migrants and refugees learn a particular system so they can succeed,” she said.

It’s also one of her enduring messages to women who want to step into entrepreneurial life. Please get an education.

“I have no business background and no one taught me how to be a business person.I had to learn as I grew up.I have struggled with management and leadership. I’m not a natural leader, but now I lead people,” she says. “Hurry up. Don’t wait. There are so many things I was waiting for. Looking back, I think I could have done it. Whatever you want to do, just do it.”

And most importantly, do something that inspires you.

“You can empower people when you do things that inspire them, so they can better themselves and get through any situation they face.”

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