Detroit Tigers outfielder Austin Meadows revealed in a tweet Friday that mental health issues have contributed to his lengthy absence from the team this season.

Meadows said, “I’ve told very few people that they’re spending more time away from the games they love and are struggling with their mental health.” I’ve been coping, but I need to keep working hard off the field to feel mentally healthy.”

Meadows has been back in the clubhouse in recent weeks and said he will remain with the Tigers until the end of the season.

“I am not ready to return to the field yet,” Meadows said in a statement. “I can’t do this alone. By sharing my experience, I encourage you to reach out to at least one person who may be going through their own struggles and ask for help.” I wish I could.”

Meadows has dealt with a string of injuries and ailments this season, including vertigo, COVID-19 and bilateral tendinitis of the Achilles tendon.

The 27-year-old last played for the Tigers on June 15th. 250 batting average, . 347 on-base percentage, six doubles, and two triples in his 36 games. The Tigers acquired him from the Tampa Bay Rays in April for Isaac Paredes.

Manager AJ Hinch said Meadows won’t be playing again in 2022.

“I admire him for what he’s done and I’m very proud of him,” Hinch said Friday. It’s not easy…I’m happy with the path he’s on.”

(Photo: Raj Mehta/USA Today)

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