Social media giants such as Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube consistently score high on most downloaded apps lists. Each of these is teeming with companies making concerted efforts to reach out to their respective communities.

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As a result, marketers have turned their attention elsewhere, not yet realizing that TikTok’s advantages outweigh its disadvantages.

  • When choosing between TikTok and Twitter, or TikTok and Instagram, users always choose the latter. After all, they are more seasoned professionals and enjoy more visibility in online communities.
  • But some companies have a head start on the rest. The NBA, Walmart, Chipotle, and many other big names have all developed robust profiles on their apps.
  • Many companies have penetrated the market, such as HP and Sephora. Still, the percentage of the target audience that actually uses the app doesn’t match the numbers they provide.
  • Looking at the brands already on the platform, we can see a big gap between the two numbers. Your participation is very important at this stage.
  • You need to take advantage of the open space in the market with few competitors. Fewer companies on the platform means more room to expand your sphere of influence.
  • This strategy has the potential to increase participation of your target audience. It’s much easier for you to gain a foothold there before your competitors see the potential in this space.

You can see the benefits of using TikTok by watching commercials.

TikTok is a social media app that allows users to upload videos, participate in hashtag challenges, and pay to promote their profile. This way you can extend your reach to people who are not currently following you.

Advertising on TikTok is still in its early stages, so we haven’t met many sponsors before. Due to their malleability, they can be aimed at anyone you choose and used as you see fit.Follow the TikTok Ads Library.

Video included in stream

Your ad is in line with other feed posts your target audience sees. There is no discernible difference between this and Instagram or Snapchat functionality. This kind of marketing has some practical benefits, such as the fact that readers can easily click to your site or software download page. The user’s time is less than 15 seconds and can be skipped if desired.

Trademark succession

Ads may temporarily fill the entire display with this setting. You can use 3-5 seconds to showcase a still image or video, video or GIF. Like in-feed videos, you can include links to landing pages and hashtags.

Branded glasses and augmented reality content

With Augmented Reality (AR) content, stickers, and glasses, TikTok users can create their own videos. This kind of marketing encourages users to incorporate your brand into their original work.

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