Survey reveals customers’ travel habits are changing rapidly

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, August 22, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — TravelBoom, a leading agency in data-driven digital marketing for hotels, resorts and vacation rental companies, releases annual Leisure Travel Trends Survey after recently surveying more than 2,000 travelers in 2022 Did. The results reveal a surprising change in travel. Planning and booking behavior impacted by rising costs, the overall economy, the ongoing risk of COVID-19, and technology.

The study examines the way travelers think and act, from the beginning of their travel idea to how they interact with their chosen destination before, during and after their stay. It also presents key metrics and identifies year-over-year changes in guest booking preferences and behavior. TravelBoom’s 2022 Leisure Travel Trends survey provides key insights such as:

  • Rising costs are impacting travel plans. 36% of travelers say they may cancel their planned vacation due to budget issues.
  • Travelers are doing more online research than ever before. The average traveler visits 5.5 websites during the booking process and conducts more research than ever before.
  • The factors that influence travel planning are changing. Transportation costs, amenities and loyalty programs are just a few of the factors that influence travelers’ decisions.
  • COVID-19 continues to impact travel. 55% of the population still consider the pandemic before booking travel. Only 13.5% of American leisure travelers say COVID-19 has had a significant impact on their travels, compared to 45% of Canadian travelers. It shows that COVID-19 continues to have a significant impact on international travel.
  • Reviews are more important than ever for travelers choosing where to stay. 82% of travelers will not book a property without reading reviews first.
  • Vacation rental sites prey on online travel agents (OTAs). VRBO and Airbnb have seen a significant increase in usage at the expense of OTAs such as Expedia.

“Leisure travel remains one of the most affected industries in the post-pandemic period, with consumers highly conscious of inflation, lingering concerns about COVID-19, We have high expectations for the facility,” he said. Pete Di Maio, COO of TravelBoom. “Our annual Leisure Travel Trends Survey gives us a better understanding of consumer mindsets and buying journeys, allowing us to adapt our marketing strategies for greater impact.”

Click to download a copy of TravelBoom’s 2022 Leisure Travel Trends Survey. here.

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