The agency opened its doors to business in Southeast Asia in July.

A digital marketing expert, Tug vowed to take an integrated approach to bring not just clicks and impressions, but overall business growth to his Southeast Asian (SEA) clients.

in an interview with Singapore Business Review (SBR)Karen Soo, managing director of SEA at Tug, said her goal is to push the boundaries of digital marketing across all different channels so that she can meet the key performance indicators (KPIs) of Tug’s customers. I said it was.

“I have a passion for strategy, connecting the dots not only in digital performance, but also in creative and technology,” says Soo.

“I have seen the benefits and even benefits of joining the dots across a range of performance, creative and technology features. Not only from a performance standpoint but also from a messaging standpoint it definitely works for the client. I think it will,” Soo added.

Apart from an integrated approach, Tag also prides itself on the bespoke solutions that the agency also aims to offer to its clients in the Southeast Asia region.

“One size fits all no longer works for our clients. Every client is looking for a truly bespoke solution for their digital marketing,” said Nick Beck, CEO and Founder of Tug. Singapore Business Review.

An example of an innovation Tug put together for a client was called “Search Uncut.” The tool was created specifically for his Zipcar in London, allowing the car-sharing company to analyze the top 30 keywords from natural and paid searches in his one dashboard.

“We are able to make real-time investment decisions and gain real-time insight into the interactions between core keywords in paid and natural spaces. It has made us more efficient and allowed us to better target our audience,” says Beck.

“We also set our messages in response to changes in COVID lockdown laws. When things opened up, we were able to target our audience very quickly with new messages from Zipcar.

Entry into the SEA market

The kind of technology solution Tug has created for Zipcar is what the agency hopes to bring to the region, Beck said, adding that through Soo’s leadership such goals are made possible. .

“Karen [has] He has built an excellent network in Singapore and is at the forefront of performance marketing. She really encapsulates the tug-of-war motto of working hard and being kind to people,” Beck said of Sue’s appointment.

Su said he added “fun” to Tag’s motto, saying teams produce their best work when they’re happy. Over the next two to three years, Soo said he plans to expand the team to his 20 people.

Meanwhile, Soo said Tug is looking to finance and business-to-business (B2B) as a focus industry for its SEA office. Beck agreed, adding that fintech, insurance and travel are also some areas Tag is looking to tap into in the region.

Regarding the types of services Tug would like to explore for SEA’s clients, Beck said the company is looking to further develop its search engine optimization (SEO) offering and transparent marketing.

After opening an SEA hub in Singapore in July, Tug plans to open another office in New York in September to serve North American customers, Beck said.

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