Edtech company upGrad has launched a new campaign highlighting the legacy and key differentiators of its digital marketing program with MICA Ahmedabad. As part of his digital campaign, the two advertising films aim to capture the excellence of the widely accepted and industry-recognized programs that help professionals build their careers.

The career achievements and credibility the program holds reflects itself, said Ankit Khirwal, upGrad’s Vice President and Head of Marketing. “In this day and age, it is imperative to develop the right skills needed to prepare for the future, along with mentorship that enables learners to become future leaders in their industry. We are happy to be empowering professionals working in the law.Through this film, we have tried to bring out the legacy of MICA Ahmedabad’s digital marketing program, which is widely recognized in the industry,” he added.

The story includes the program’s legacy, an industry-widely accepted digital marketing course that offers over 100 digital marketing tools, the opportunity to run campaigns for real money, and access to MICA faculty. The program has over 12,000 learners in over 50 batches over seven years, 300 recruiters from leading companies, and is recognized by the industry as the benchmark for digital marketing. We have an extensive alumni network. Conceptualized by our in-house digital creative team, the campaign highlights young potential aspirants with ambitions to advance their careers wanting to improvise in this digital age, stating that “greatness is It outlines how greatness can be recognized.

According to Shreyas Shevade, Associate Director and Head of Creative and Content Marketing, upGrad India, the edtech platform makes good education easily and equally accessible to all with the desire and potential. It is intended to “I was on every side of the MICA table, except one behind the desk in the classroom. I hired from there, taught there, and even applied to study there. It came from seeing MICAn doing his degree in interviews over and over again,” he stressed.

UpGrad’s digital marketing program at MICA Ahmedabad is one of the oldest, claiming a cohort of over 50 to successfully graduate and establish themselves in the industry.


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