Community Living Center (CLC) is a VA Nursing Home. Unlike many nursing homes of the past, community living centers resemble “home” as much as possible. There are activities for veterans of all ages. There are family friendly places to visit. Veterans are invited to decorate their rooms. Pets are also permitted to visit or reside in community living centers. Veterans may stay for a short period of time or, in rare cases, the rest of their lives. This is where veterans can receive nursing home-level care, including assistance with activities of daily living (such as bathing and dressing) and skilled nursing and medical care. The Community Living Center’s mission is to restore each veteran to the highest level of health. It is also to prevent the decline of health and to spend the last days of life comfortably.

Outpatient veterans interested in more information should contact their primary care physician and PACT social worker. A PACT social worker can assist with outpatient placement and refer you to her PCLC on your behalf if you inquire about rehabilitation, respite, and/or skill needs. Veterans may require supportive care and this is determined on a case-by-case basis to ensure that the Veteran is in the best possible environment to meet all their needs.

Hospitalized veterans interested in PCLC are referred directly from hospital social workers involved in veterinary care. All cases are reviewed by a team of experts who anticipate the needs of veterans during admission, stay and discharge. PCLC social workers work directly with veterans and their families to ensure safe discharge plans that meet the veterans’ needs are implemented.

Veterans are considered for admission based on proficient rehabilitation needs. As veterans are admitted, their therapeutic, dietary, pharmacological, spiritual, medical, and nutritional needs are assessed, and a multidisciplinary team works together to promote healing and wellness while they reside in CLC. The best care plan will be developed. PCLC recognizes the importance of veteran camaraderie and seeks to promote an atmosphere of care and compassion that ultimately helps veterans recover faster compared to other traditional rehabilitation settings. I hope

Our facility is currently closed to community entry due to COVID. However, in the future, we would like to allow entry for community veterans as well. At this time, we are only accepting referrals from Omaha VA.

Visiting hours are limited due to COVID and updated weekly by veterans and their families (per National VHA/CLC guidelines).

There are more than 100 Community Life Centers nationwide. See the current list of other VA Community Living Center locations.

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