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Hoover Institution Senior Fellow Victor Davis Hanson proposed a solution for U.S. K-12 education at Jesse Watters Primetime Thursday to avoid being “brainwashed” by the public school system.

Victor Davis Hanson: You can solve K-12 by telling every teacher: education school monopoly Either get certified and brainwashed, or just get a master’s degree in an academic field like a community college teacher or a prep school.All these MA programs and teachers are going to be much more rigorous academically.

What are the important racial theories?

You can tell all the students who get their bachelor’s degree. To be admitted, students must take a national exam, just like the SAT test. And because it quantifies the bachelor’s degree, we can see that the bachelor’s degrees have one thing in common: a basic knowledge of mathematics. Tenure should be considered.that is America’s only occupation After 6 years, you will have full-time employment. They can have revolving contracts.


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