Spotsylvania County, Virginia (WRIC) — The Spotsylvania Board of Education has finalized the selection of the school district’s new superintendent, a controversial candidate with no educational background and a history of inflammatory social media posts.

Mark Taylor previously served as a county administrator in nearby Greene County and before that was an attorney at Spotsylvania. He has no educational background.

“I would like to thank the Spotsylvania School Board for their trust in me to lead our school department,” Taylor said in a Sept. 21 statement. Teachers and support staff create an environment of innovation, inclusion, and high performance at Spotsylvania schools. ”

Taylor is scheduled to begin her duties on November 1st.

Controversial history

The school board’s new conservative majority fired the former superintendent abruptly and without cause in January, and named Taylor to replace him after a brief investigation marred by accusations of cronyism.

Taylor was granted superintendent’s license by the state school board after a tense hearing. I believe it shouldn’t.

“If I were on the local board, I would consider these Facebook posts disqualifying,” said Dr. Alan Seibert, Youngkin’s appointee.

The Facebook posts he referenced were a series of memes posted on Taylor’s personal page that mocked transgender people and the school shooting and made racist innuendos.

The Facebook post, apparently created by Mark Taylor, was submitted to the school board for consideration in September.

In an interview with ABC affiliate WJLA, Taylor claimed the posts weren’t made by her, and the posts were dated over several months, interspersed with posts Taylor didn’t dispute making. .

And last week, the Spotsylvania Sheriff’s Office announced that it would not be providing security at school board meetings, saying, “Our agents have taken the side of one or more members regarding ‘disruptive’ citizens.” I have been placed in a position to stand in the position of

Maj. Troy Skebo told 8News that the request by members of the board raised concerns that deputies could interfere with residents’ rights to freedom of expression and participation in the government’s public processes.

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