A breakthrough partnership has been set up to deliver a new standard of multidisciplinary care for back, neck, hip, knee, shoulder pain and more.

Nashville, Tennessee., September 6, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — WholeHealth Living, Inc. (formerly WholeHealth Networks, Inc.) is Tivity Health.® The company has secured a contract with Vori Health®an award-winning, national, innovative medical practice focused on holistic musculoskeletal care to enhance innovative and comprehensive pain management solutions.

More than half of the U.S. population over the age of 18 report having a musculoskeletal condition, and at least 33% need or seek medical care.Back pain and neck pain account for the largest amount of healthcare costs, with an estimated $134.5 billion The annual cost, of which 33.7% is paid for by Medicare and Medicaid.

To address these growing problems, collaborative pain management solutions will provide the millions of Americans who suffer from muscle and joint pain convenient access to appropriate, world-class medical care, as well as preventative and rehabilitative services. offers both full suites.

“Current musculoskeletal patient pathways are often costly and ineffective. These challenges are exacerbated by inflation and rising healthcare costs,” he said. Richard AshworthPresident and CEO, activity health“We expect this industry-leading pain care solution to reduce the total cost of inappropriate opiate use, surgery, imaging, ER surgery, injections, and treatment. Our goal is to help our members achieve their goals, alleviate their pain, and get back to where they belong: the lives they love, without unnecessary procedures and costs.”

According to the World Health Organization, musculoskeletal conditions severely limit mobility and dexterity, leading to early retirement from work, lower well-being and reduced ability to participate in society.

“When we founded Vori Health, we wanted to revolutionize musculoskeletal care by surrounding patients with a dedicated team that puts them first. Ryan Grant, MD, Founder and CEO, Vori Health. “Providing the right care at the right time by the right clinical professionals will minimize the rate of unnecessary surgeries, poor outcomes, and patient dissatisfaction, and improve access to appropriate, evidence-based care.” It’s important to provide for patients.”

The partnership’s effective end-to-end solution combines Vori Health’s nationwide virtual first medical services for musculoskeletal care and pain management with WholeHealth Living’s ground network of chiropractic, acupuncture and massage therapy practitioners. Integrate with Each patient receives support from the Vori Healthcare team, which includes a non-surgical physiotherapist, a health coach navigator, and a physiotherapist who work collaboratively to assess, diagnose, and coordinate all aspects of care. In addition to leveraging WholeHealth Living’s ecosystem of practitioners, Tivity Health offers eligible SilverSneakers members the opportunity to participate in movement therapy via fitness centers, community classes, and online on her social platform.

When people with musculoskeletal (MSK) pain seek medical care, they often receive treatments that are not in line with best practices, including initial management options such as opioids. Inadequate care for MSK pain conditions can have a tremendous impact on society, leading to decreased quality of life and increased costs. This is the main reason why her 1 in 8 report missing work days due to direct costs equal to MSK pain status. $796.3 billion every year. The partnership between WholeHealth Networks and Vori Health transforms the delivery of musculoskeletal care in a choreographed and coordinated way, enabling patients to benefit from higher quality, lower cost care.

About Whole Health Living

At Whole Health Living®, Inc. promotes non-pharmacologic options early in the continuum of care because they may be less invasive and less costly. It is also usually less risky than drugs or surgery and can help reduce opioid use. We recognize that musculoskeletal conditions are a major contributor to health care costs, and we are bridging the gap between our members, practitioners, health insurance plans, and the broader health care community to bring physical medicine and We are committed to increasing the understanding and acceptance of integrated health solutions. We administer benefits for Medicaid, Commercial, and Medicare members across a variety of specialties, including chiropractic, acupuncture, physical therapy, occupational therapy, therapeutic massage, and naturopathy, and manage local and national health plans and We are partnered.

About activity health

activity health®Inc. is a leading provider of life-changing healthy solutions, including SilverSneakers.® and prime® fitness. We support adults on their journey through life by improving their health and providing access to in-person and virtual physical activity, social and mental well-being programs. We continue to enhance how we guide our members on their journey to better health by providing insightful, personalized and interactive experiences. Support national health plans aimed at improving health conditions. At Tivity Health, we provide our members with the resources they need to live healthier, happier, and more connected lives.Click here for details www.tivityhealth.com

About Boli Health

boli health® A comprehensive medical and wellness provider that practices a holistic, integrated approach to musculoskeletal care. The organization offers full-service physical therapy and rehabilitation care, physical therapy, prescriptions, imaging and lab orders, health and nutrition coaching, community support, and premium educational content. The Vori Health team is made up of carefully selected board-certified physicians and licensed healthcare providers who provide healthcare at the click of a button from the comfort, convenience and privacy of a patient’s home. We provide services. For more information, please visit www.vorihealth.com.

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