news: Amazon When united health group (UHG) has submitted a bid to acquire a value-based care and home health care company means good healthaccording to Bloomberg.

The healthcare giant is turning: like a retailer CVS Health We are also pursuing Signify Health to enhance our digital health strategy.

Latest from CVS Health Financial results announcementCEO Karen Lynch He said the M&A would advance the company’s primary care reach.

  • Last month, CVS reportedly approached primary care disruptors one medical for sale. However, the deal never materialized and Amazon later pounced, bought almost one medical $4 billion.
  • Now, with UHG and Amazon battling over Signify, CVS Health could be on the altar once again. According to Bloomberg, UHG reportedly submitted the highest bid he ever made, over $30 per share.

What the Acquisition Means for UHG: Signify Health has the potential to expand its UHG value-based care footprint.

UHG already has a large physician network. 1.3 million in-network doctorsIn addition, the company’s Optum business employs employees 60,000 doctors 2,000 locations worldwide.

  • As such, UHG may be most interested in Signify Health’s value-based care (VBC) business.
  • Represent health insurance partners in VBC arrangements to provide analytics and financial models that help reduce costs. Acquiring Signify Health could bring that technology in-house.

What it means for Amazon: The tech giant may be eyeing Signify Health to expand its at-home health initiatives.

March 2021, Amazon signaled health tech companies like Signify Health, rise When mountain healthcare Form Moving Health Home — Lobby Congress to make long-term changes to home care reimbursement policies.

  • By the end of the year, Amazon Care will expand its home care services to 20 new cities.
  • Signify Health is already an established provider of home healthcare services, including home health screenings. This could fit nicely into Amazon’s home healthcare plan.

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