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frisco, texas – Whose line is that anyway? The answer to that question was, at one point, crucial for the Cowboys – led by Tyrone Smith, Travis Frederick and Zach Martin’s unbridled dominance. A metahuman stable, with a very capable rotation of players like Ronald Leary and Rael Collins.

Oh good old days.

Martin is the only one of those aforementioned to run out of the locker room when the Tampa Bay Buccaneers take to the field at AT&T Stadium for the regular season opener on September 11th. of Dallas 2.0 no longer exists, and hasn’t really happened in Dallas for quite some time (inaccuracies aside). But instead, it was the club that asked players like Terrence Steele to step up, and he did so on his way to replace Collins.

But what about others, including rookies like promising rookie Tyler Smith, who became the first offensive lineman selected in the first round by the Cowboys since Martin got the call in 2014?

And while the team is now visiting former perennial Pro Bowler and longtime left tackle for the Philadelphia Eagles, Jason Peters, there are signs they understand they need help at far left. Tackle behind Tyler Smith??

The reality is, there are more questions surrounding the Cowboys’ offensive line right now than there are question marks on the Riddler’s jacket. Until further notice, the answer is basically nothing more than a potential kabob steeped in hope and air-fried for convenience. It will take longer to cook in the smoker.

Tyrone Smith’s recent horrific injury, which saw him suffer a hamstring avulsion tearing from a bone near his knee in late August, is Martin’s only reminder of what once was and what he can do again. But building the Great Wall of China Implementing Dallas 3.0 is no small task and (like the first two iterations) could take years to come to fruition.

The first step is to see if Tyler Smith is ready to run left tackle at the NFL level. Tulsa and his program in the offseason he served as a rep in both LT and LG before training his camp where he was demoted exclusively to LT and LG.

The rookie will likely pass Conor McGovern as the starting left guard, as evidenced in preseason play.

But it’s also true that Fate is not without a dark sense of humor. Just hours after head coach Mike McCarthy announced that McGovern would be LG1 if the Cowboys played a regular season game “today,” the statement raised eyebrows around the world and confused North Americans. Tyrone Smith fell to the ground during practice and grabbed his knee. And that was it.

With Tyler Smith returning to tackle this season, McGovern is almost certain to start at left guard.

Owner and general manager Jerry Jones told 105.3FM The Fun on Tuesday:

However, as circumstances dictate, the first-year lineman is recovering from an ankle injury himself and will return this week after being able to take time off practice during the preseason finale against the Seattle Seahawks. Return to fold with no restrictions on team reps.

“We’re going to have to get him out here and have him practice here over the next few weeks in relation to the problem he was having, which was a slightly high ankle,” Jones added. I don’t think it’s serious enough to limit the preparations for the NBA.Now, it means he’s not left tackle.He’s a rookie, but he’s a first-round pick, and he deserved to be number one.” First round selection in my mind.

“So we knew – we didn’t want you to come any sooner than you needed to. [to]We knew we had to be prepared to change the left tackle, so he was chosen.”

This marks the first acknowledgment that the twilight of Tyrone Smith’s glorious career has arrived, but the team still hopes he’ll be back before the end of the season.Quarterback Dak Prescott’s 2016 2012 performance had Tony Romo on the sidelines (even the Cowboys used this comparison, so take a hint).

But for now, the young Smith has to prove himself and health-wise it looks like he’ll be fine for the first week after being cleared to return to practice.

From there, we’ll see McGovern take another step forward alongside Tyler Biadas and Terrence Steele.Martin is Dallas’ only offensive lineman and has no worries. Let’s not forget the issue of swing tackle, which is a key position and was not and still is not resolved in training camp.

The loss of rookie fifth-round pick Matt Weretzko to a shoulder injury at the start of camp in July sent shockwaves through the tournament, with Isaac Alarcon moving from guard to tackle to battle Josh Ball. did. He was not awarded enough game personnel to assess his viability in the role before battling the Seahawks and leaving with what was determined to be a minor ankle injury. . Ball didn’t put much good into the film either.

It will be interesting to see which version of Peters the Cowboys might get. On the other hand, he turned 40 in January and is used to injuries.He has missed all but eight games in 2020.

Waletsko’s return, even at the tail end of camp, feels like giving hope to a swing tackle if the Cowboys don’t land Peters or abruptly decline (there’s not much evidence in 2021). did). Matt Furniok flashed in the preseason to the extent of giving Biadas a little solace at center if he doesn’t turn the corner in his growth this season.

Still, it’s impossible to consider Peters an immediate upgrade with every tackle on the current roster, at least before Tyler Smith has a chance to show what he can do.

One thing is certain here. It’s the fact that neither Eric Williams, Mark Tuiney, Mark Stepnoski, John Gesek, Kevin Gogan or Nate Newton have run out of locker rooms anymore. So have Larry Allen, Travis Frederick and Tyrone Smith for quite some time).

As we gear up for the 2022 season, we rarely stare through the windshield into the rear view toward the horizon of this season’s key games that could determine the trajectory of our players and coaches in 2023.

But with so many youngsters at the wheel, the offense trying to sort out questions about wide receiver units openly resort to groups asked to be several F1 drivers despite Martin So far – I only have a provisional driver’s license, but I would love to win pole position again at NFC East.

Gentlemen, start your engines.

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